Practice Optimization

Increase Profits by Optimizing Every Aspect of Your Practice

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Practice Optimization

Comprehensive custom consulting service geared towards increasing profits by optimizing every aspect (department) of a practice. The service consists of an in-office comprehensive audit of all aspects of the dental business, including practice management software and to create a custom list of strategies that have reproducibly increased production by an average of 10%-20%, while reducing overhead at the same time. Below is a sample of the strategies implemented.

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Hygiene/Recall Department

Arguably both the foundation and roof of every practice, this department should be responsible for 30%-40% of a healthy practice’s production. By maximizing the radiographic regiment, adding to the offered prophylactic services, and implementing proper billing, we have been successful in improvements in this department that alone often resulted in an overall double-digit percent production increase.

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Dealing with Delta PPO

Virtually all of recent practice listings feature a disclaimer of the seller’s Delta Premier status, which will be relinquished by the buyer upon purchase. In some Delta-heavy offices, this can mean a 30-50% drop in production from day one. Our consulting services specialize in proper setup of treatment planning, treatment presentation, fee negotiation, and billing for Delta Dental PPO. These efforts have consistently and significantly minimized the loss of revenue for most of our clients. For a recent client, for example, this service alone was able to increase their Delta PPO crown procedure fee by $300 per case.

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Billing Department

While dental school and post-graduate education assist clinicians to be competent in a wide range of services, almost no education is offered in correct billing for these services. We have found that practices routinely under bill or altogether fail to bill for routinely rendered and reimbursable procedures, assuming that they will either not be covered or fall under an already-billed code, resulting in a significant revenue loss.

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Scheduling Department

Appropriate time allotment and proper utilization of block scheduling, double-booking, and correct staff duty assignment will result in a significantly higher hourly production by the doctor.

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Practice Management

The practice will receive detailed blueprints and templates for improved daily routine. This will include tested techniques for maximizing efficiency and decreasing overhead, training the staff and the doctor for a proper new patient experience, complex treatment plan presentation to increase case acceptance, and proper marketing strategy for optimal web experience and niche practice creation.

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Risk Management

Conducting a random chart audit, we infer the current level of risk and help practices setup correct treatment and financial consents, proper medical and radiographic record keeping.