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Where Doctors Are In Control

Peak Dental Partners is a novel and superior approach to the dental management organization (DSO) model, where the DOCTORS are in control. Consolidation and scaling are the primary drivers of increased profitability and exponential valuation. Previously, the only way to achieve those benefits by dentists was by selling a part of ownership (equity) of the practice in hopes that the new partner would continue to scale and acquire more practices for an eventual recapitalization event. However, such deals are inherently risky for several reasons:

  1. Uncertain returns - initial sale of the portion of the practice yields rather small return and the rest of the practice becomes tied up in a potentially lengthy and uncertain scaling journey, some deals taking longer than initially promised and result in lackluster valuations.
  2. Loss of control – once sold/partnered with a conventional DSO, the doctor can never regain full control of their practice.
  3. One size fit all approach - practices are often subjected to a cookie-cutter approach to management without consideration for uniqueness of each doctor, which had often been the main reason for that practice’s success in the first place.

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Our Model

An owner-driven DSO, where each member maintains 100% ownership and control of their practice while still benefiting from the increase valuation and savings only available to large DSOs. Only when the group has scaled to a target EBITDA size will the members be presented with the option to recapitalize at a valuation resulting in a sale or recapitalization results of 2-3 times higher than with a conventional DSO.

White Paper

An average general practice with a million dollars in annual revenue has an EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) of $333K. Choosing a regular DSO route, the practice owner can expect to recapitalize (sell) about 75% of the practice at an EBITDA multiplier of 4-6x, receiving up to $1.5 million. It takes a DSO an average of 5 years to go through a recapitalization event, at which point the owner will be able to benefit from a second-round event and sell the remaining 25% of the practice for a maximum of 12x EBITDA, resulting in additional $1.5 million (assuming that likely the EBITDA of the practice has increased through DSO economies of scale). Thus, the best possible outcome after 5-year commitment is a total exit of $4.5 million, adding an average annual salary of $300K while with the DSO for the 5 years.

The same practice, having partnered with Peak Dental Partners, can immediately become more efficient by benefiting from our economies of scale and optimization methodologies, growing the EBITDA to $500K. As an established owner-based DSO, Peak Dental Partners plans to recapitalize after one year, with subsequent conservative expected multiplier of 10x, resulting in $3.8 million for the same 75% of the practice. Moreover, the subsequent scaling duration until next capitalization event will be shortened, since Peak Dental Partners already presents with many partner practices, resulting in a faster return on the remaining 25% percent owned. Thus, a conservative total return can be expected to be $7 million and a whole year saved!

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  1. Increase your profits by lowering your expenses
  2. Grow your value through increased EBTDA and larger group multiplier
  3. Optimization blueprint to increase your revenue
  4. Always maintain full control
  5. Relax more by unloading some of daily tasks to us!
  6. Go through recapitalization rounds faster
Other DSO's
Maintain 100% ownership X Y Y
Freedom to choose when to sell or recap X Y Y
Full clinical and admin control X Y Y
Ability to exponentially scale valuation Y X Y
Lowering of expenses through scale Y X Y
Mentorship to grow and expand your business X X Y
Customized support only where and when you need it X X Y

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